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Consider These 5 Things When Hiring a Sweeping Contractor

There’s not a single day when a customer doesn’t ask us how to pick the ideal sweeping contractor. Outdoor hard surfaces like driveways, garage entrances, pavements, and sidewalks, need to always be clean, and not only for aesthetics, but safety and to extend the life of the surface.

While it may seem like there are a lot of choices available on the market, only a select few sweeping contractors in Tampa are equipped to handle your needs. Here are some pointers you must remember when hiring your next sweeping company.

Look into experience


The amount of sweeping experience a sweeping contractor has is a vital factor to look into. A company with years of experience will understand how to deal with a handful of circumstances that might come their way when sweeping a business’s exterior.

A company that has been in the business for decades is a great indication that they already know how to keep its customers happy.

But keep in mind that experience may not always indicate expertise. Most of the time, seasoned companies will be more knowledgeable and proficient. Parking lot cleaning may seem like a trivial task, but behind each job is many technicalities that can only be smoothed out through experience and training.


Areas of service

Your best bet is a local service provider that services your specific region. The further a sweeping truck travels to get a task done, the more money will leave your pocket.

Local companies will also be more familiar with your parking area. This familiarity helps companies offer advice on repairs such as bollard installation, crack sealing and sealcoating.

Range of services

Whether you are searching for a one-time sweeping job or a year-round sweeping partner, a sweeping contractor’s range of services and equipment will tell you a lot about the job types they can handle.

Ensure all heavy machinery is road safe, certified, and ready to deal with the task before hiring a sweeping company.

Don’t forget to identify what type of services the company provides. For instance, do they provide power washing, exterior repair, parking lot stripping, and more?



Safety is always the leading concern when choosing a Central Florida sweeping company. It’s an absolute must that the company and all its contractors have all the necessary certifications and licenses, ensuring they’re accurate and updated.

Most claim to be safety-oriented, but as a customer, it’s your job to double-check that the task is being executed safely and efficiently.



Reputation speaks volumes. Be thorough when checking a sweeping company’s reviews and testimonials before hiring them for a job. Also, do not be afraid to ask for referrals and get in touch with previous customers to learn more about the company’s professionalism and capability to handle the job.

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