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Bollard Installation Tampa

Few people are aware of the many reasons for Tampa bollard installation, even if they've seen these rugged posts before. Posts that are heavy-duty, concrete-filled are known as Bollards. They are mainly found in commercial and municipal areas. The blocks are spaced so pedestrians can pass through them, but vehicles cannot. For nighttime visibility, bollards can be painted or covered with decorative sleeves after they've been filled with concrete. They are also incredibly resilient - the weight from the post and concrete help stop cars immediately in cases of crash, accident, or malicious intent. 

What are Bollards Used For?

If you haven’t given much thought to them, bollards seem like a simple architectural tool that helps direct traffic and potentially protect pedestrians, cars, and buildings. While those uses by themselves are certainly all great uses for bollards, that’s not the full scope of how bollards can be used. 

In some areas, they are used as guides for pedestrians. In this situation, they will usually have a chain or rope of some kind connecting the bollards in a chain that shows people where they can safely walk. This can also be done to help direct vehicles and bicycles. 

In other situations, they are installed in front of store windows as a security measure that prevents vehicles from crashing through the glass. Similarly, bollards can be placed to protect vulnerable or valuable parts of a building, such as gas lines, water lines, electrical boxes, ATMs, mechanical components, and more. 

Are There Different Types of Bollards?

There are numerous types of bollards available, including some things that most people wouldn’t immediately recognize as being a bollard (like strategically-placed very heavy planter boxes). These include the following: 

  • Fixed bollard - Can’t be moved as they are fixed to the ground
  • Rising bollard - Rises from and retracts into the ground, allowing for as-needed access to an area
  • Security bollard - Designed to be especially durable, these are used for anti-terrorism or anti-crime purposes
  • Removable bollard - Allows restricted areas to be converted into accessible areas quickly
  • Telescopic bollard - Contract and expand as needed - usually require a key to change the size
  • Lay-flat bollard - Look more like boards than posts, but can be set to lay down when access is required
  • Bell bollard - Short triangular (or bell-shaped) bollards that are better at diverting vehicles rather than stopping them outright
  • Flexible bollard - Plastic bollards that bend when impacted but return to the correct shape
  • Breakaway bollard - Designed to collapse when collided with - these allow vehicles to access protected areas without the need to remove or unlock raised bollards

How are Bollards Installed?

While the variety of bollards available means there are multiple installation methods, fixed bollards are by far the most widely-used type around. The installation for these generally goes as follows: 

  1. Mark installation location points on the ground
  2. Auger (drill) holes according to bollards’ specs
  3. Install gravel for drainage at bottom of holes
  4. Install rebar circle cage for reinforcement of ground sleeve or bollard
  5. Install drainage pipe inside rebar cage
  6. Adjust pipe and sleeve heights according to specs
  7. Pour and cure concrete
  8. Attach or install bollards as required to finish

Bollard Repair

Occasionally, your bollards may be forced to do what they were designed to do, and that means they likely stopped some tragedy or another from occurring. Once a bollard is no longer effective at its job, though, you will need to either have it repaired or replaced. The crew here at Central Florida Parking Lot Maintenance can help assess and repair or replace your bollards, no matter what state of disrepair they may be in. 

To help get and keep your parking lots or other drivable and walkable spaces safer for all visitors to your property, get in touch with us for a free estimate. 

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