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Parking Lot Saftey


Here at Central Florida Parking Lot Maintenance, we take safety very seriously. Parking lot and parking garage safety are of the utmost concern to us, which is why we’ve decided to offer parking lot and parking garage safety services.

Parking Lot Traffic Control

Traffic, as we’re sure you are aware, is a problem around the world. But when it comes to parking lots, the safety of pedestrians and other things are a major concern when there is both car and foot traffic.

This is why it’s incredibly important to implement common parking lot/garage traffic control procedures. Our team at Central Florida Parking Lot Maintenance will guide you through the way to make sure these procedures are done correctly, as well as implementing them into your parking lot.

Parking Block Installation - Tampa

Parking block installation is one of the main things that help parking lot traffic control. Not only do they tell people in cars essentially where to park, but they also help people in cars not accidentally hit anything, as they can stop a car in its tracks.

Essentially, they are a must-have for parking lots, as they help a lot when it comes to traffic flow and safety. Our team will help you install these in your parking lot, as well as answer any questions pertaining to them if one would be curious.

Traffic Sign Installation

To add to our parking lot traffic control services, we also offer traffic sign installation. Traffic signs are a must-have for several reasons. They help the flow of traffic, keep pedestrians safe from cars, minimize car crashes, and more. During installation, we will make sure that the traffic signs get installed right where they’re necessary, and that they fit with ADA compliances.

Speed Bumps Installation

Our team also offers speed bump installations when it comes to parking lot traffic control services. Speed bumps help keep parking lots safe by slowing down drivers. They minimize speeding in parking lots, as well as keep drivers aware of their surroundings. Our team will install asphalt speed bumps into your Tampa parking lot to minimize accidents.

Bollard Installation and Repair

Bollards are short, thick, sturdy poles that will keep cars from reaching places they aren’t supposed to, even if they crash into the bollards. Obviously, we’d hope that wouldn’t happen, but it’s something that’s there to protect buildings and pedestrians either way. Our team offers bollard installation for your parking lots, as well as repair in case anything goes wrong.

Why Choose Central Florida Parking Lot Maintenance?

Our services offered at Central Florida Parking Lot Maintenance are the best you’ll find in the city of Tampa, Florida. Our services will ensure that your parking lots are as safe as they possibly can be while keeping your budget fully manageable.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Stacy Lee -
Justin and his crew are very professional and get things done right. 10 out of 10 would recommend. They even repainted the parking spots. GREAT job!!
Jennifer Ward -
I’m the property manager for a 55+ community and Justin and his crew came out and did a fantastic job in our community. Very professional would definitely recommend.
Derrik Rodriguez -
They always do a great job they do the front of international faderz barbershop and never disappointed me definitely recommend him to any job big or small
Rachel Erwine -
These guys did a wonderful job. Very professional and didn’t waste my time.
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